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Vladislav Bezrukov

Vladislav Bezrukov

Vladislav was born in 1970 in Moscow at family of violist Georgiy Bezrykov. He finished Central music school under Moscow Conservatoire class of Z. Gilels and A. Vinizkiy. Then Vladislav graduated from Moscow State Conservatoire and completed post-graduate studies under famous violist, People's Artist of USSR, professor E. Grach.

In 1992 when Vladislav was a student of Moscow Conservatoire he was proposed to become a concertmaster in chamber orchestra "Kremlin" conducted by Misha Rakhlevskiy where he worked till 2009.

Vladislav performed a lot in Germany, Italy, Spain, Finland, USA, Canada and Asia with famous musicians such as E. Grach, V. Postnikova, G. Myrga, I. Bogyslavskiy, etc.

Also he creates performances for chamber ensembles and orchestras, writes arrangements which are performed all around the world.

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