The Glinka string quartet
The quartet / Discography


Andrey Eshpay

Second disc.

01. String Quartet "Concordia - Discordans" in memory of D. Schostakovich Glinka String Quartet

Roman Ledenyov

01. "Seven Moods" for string quartet (1967) Glinka State String Quartet

03. "Popevki" ["Chants"] for string quartet (1969) Glinka State String Quartet

06. "Canticles" for male chrous and string quartet (2004)"Kastalsky" Moscow Male Chamber Chorus Artistic director and conductor Alexei Rudnevsky, Glinka State String Quartet

Naum Starkman

Naum Starkman (piano) & Glinka String Quartet.

01. 01. Frederic Chopin piano concerto no.1, e-moll, op. 11

I. Allegro maestoso

II. Largetto

III. Vivace

02. Frederic Chopin piano concerto no. 2, f-moll, op. 21

I. Maestoso

II. Largetto

III. Allegro vivace

Imagine. Daniel Kramer and Glinka Quartet

Daniel Kramer (piano) & Glinka String Quartet.

1. Seven Come Eleven

2. All Inside

5. Lester Leeps In


Schumann, Franck. Piano Quintets

Naum Starkman (piano) & Glinka String Quartet.

01. Robert Schumann. Piano Quintet in E-flat major, Op. 44

I. Allegro brilliante

II. In modo d'una Marcia

III. Scherzo

IV. Allegro ma non troppo

02. Cesar Franck. Piano Quintet in F minor

I. Molto moderato quasi lento

II. Lento, con molto sentimento

III. Allegro non troppo ma con fuoco

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